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"Close to my heart" is an appreciation campaign that encourages heartfelt love for wildlife. It is a mechanism to donate and contribute for wildlife conservation. A donor is gifted with small souvenir, in form of "Lapel pin" as a token of appreciation.

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Madhya Pradesh, one of the strongest nations of tigers in the country, has the national as well as global responsibility to protect the tiger habitat. As this responsibility is huge, people from all walks of life must join hands to protect the tiger and its habitat for the long term survival of human beings and other life-forms. Madhya Pradesh Tiger Foundation Society is a non-profit making organization registered under THE MADHYA PRADESH SOCIETY REGISTRIKARAN ADHINIYAM, 1973. We work towards conservation of wildlife and their habitats with special emphasis on tiger.

To facilitate this goal the Madhya Pradesh Government launched a novel scheme on 15 January, 1997 to secure support from public and organizations outside the government through formation of an independent organization - Madhya Pradesh Tiger Foundation Society.

The society is headed by hon'ble Forest Minister of the state; the Chief Wildlife Warden of the state is it's secretary. Members include NGOs, Secretaries of forests, finance, tourism, public relation departments, senior officers of forest department and Wildlife experts. It has obtained Foreign Contribution Regulation Act (FCRA), 2010 registration and is authorized to receive donations from outside the country as well the society would raise funds, accept equipment and vehicles, movable or immovable property from Indian as well as foreign donors.

  • Wildlife habitat Conservation and Development
  • Relocation and rehabilitation of villages from productive wildlife habitats
  • Providing long term assistance and support, till the villages attain sustainability in terms of livelihood, social and economic wellbeing
The role and functions of the Society
  • Provide protection to threatened and endangered species with added emphasis on tiger conservation.
  • Provide help to the State Government, staff and people in their effort to protect tiger habitats against fragmentation, destruction and their prey-base.
  • Provide support to the state government to control poaching of wild animals
  • To provide help in controlling illicit trade in body parts of tigers and products made out of body parts.
  • To make general public aware of the need for conserving biodiversity and elicit their support for conservation of biodiversity. To seek help of mass media in achieving this objective.
  • To reward those individuals (including forest department personnel) and institutions, organizations who have made special effort towards protection of tiger.
  • To strengthen infrastructure required for protection of tigers in their habitats.
  • To establish a data-bank necessary for tiger conservation in the office of the Chief Wildlife Warden, M.P. who is the secretary of this organization, and also to help development of a network of such data-bank.
  • To take other measures through which conservation of tiger and other wildlife can be strengthened.
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